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The health and safety of our EPIC family is our top priority. We are and will continue to adhere to all government mandates during this challenging time. We have implemented policies to ensure our facility remains as safe as possible. As the situation continues to evolve, we are maintaining awareness of necessary guideline changes. Any new studio policies related to Covid-19 will be posted here and shared via email.

Starting March 7, 2022, EPIC Dance Company will follow along with the nearby school districts in making masks options while inside the building. We are fully in support of whatever you feel is best for your dancer and your family going forward and will leave the decision around masks up to you as an individual. 


That being said, safety is our top priority. If cases are to rise or we notice dancers getting sick more than we have in the recent past, the mandate within the purple walls will change back to the way it has been since March 2020. 


We ask that if your dancer is not feeling well, that he/she still stay home and follow the guidelines we have been following since we have been back in the studio to ensure everyone's health and safety is the top priority. 


We are excited about this change, as it has surely been a long two years, but I am beyond grateful for everyone's trust in me and my decisions regarding protocols up until this point and hope that it remains the same as we navigate further together. 


Thank you, Miss Shana

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