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About Us

Make your dance experience EPIC.

The mission of EPIC Dance Company is to create confident, quality, versatile young artists who feel at home within our walls.  It is our goal to provide each dancer with the knowledge necessary to become a marketable dancer if they choose to enter the next chapter of their dance career. EPIC has an entire staff who hold dance degrees and/or a professional career in the arts which allows us to provide young artists with the skills required to not only be the best dancers that they can be, but to become a successful person in whatever field they choose. EPIC is a launching pad for an incredible future. 

Why choose EPIC?

We know there are a lot of choices when selecting a school for your child's dance education. EPIC is not only the home of a nationally competitive team, but we proudly offer recreational classes that are fun and informative! Dance develops a young person's body and mind while teaching necessary life skills. Our professional staff of teachers hold degrees in dance, performance credits, and years of experience. They are all friendly, caring, adults who want your child to be excited to enter their classroom. The EPIC family is something truly special, and we want you to become a part of it! 


"I couldn't have asked for a better environment for my senior year.  EPIC provided me not only with amazing training, but daily inspiration."

"Walking into EPIC I was just a dancer. Now walking out, I leave with artistry as well."​


"At EPIC, I did not just learn how to dance, I learned how to be my best possible self."


"EPIC is one of the most positive environments. No matter who you are or what you do every teacher cares for you, your goals, and your achievements. EPIC's staff is one of the most diverse group of people put together. No matter what style you want to approach, there is ALWAYS a teacher there to help you prosper and learn. I can't imagine being treated better anywhere else. EPIC has helped me figure out who I am as a dancer."


"EPIC has provided me with a second home. My team has become my dance family and I will always cherish the memories made here. I am inspired every single day by my friends and teachers, and I know I will always be a part of the EPIC family."


"My teachers don't just teach me how to dance, they teach me how to be the best version of myself and how to be a well-rounded person. I've learned to not just dance to win trophies, but I've learned to dance for me. When I'm at EPIC, I can let go of everything that happened that day and just dance. EPIC has taught me so much that I will be more than confident to step into the dance world when I graduate."


“We are very excited for our 3rd year at EPIC Dance Company. My daughter tells me that EPIC is like a second home and family for her. In addition to amazing training & creative choreography by her teachers – the wonderful friendships which have been made and continue to be made each year will last a lifetime. The teachers and other dancers have been very inspiring and mentors for her. She has grown so much as a dancer and person at EPIC and I know she will continue on this wonderful path. It truly is amazing to see what this staff that we love so much brings out in all of the dancers each year. The staff & students work so hard but have so much fun doing it. At EPIC the focus is on sportsmanship, teamwork, and character which is very important to me as my daughter spends many hours at the studio each week. We are looking forward to many more years with our “EPIC Family"!


"The best thing about EPIC, without question, is the quality of its staff. There is no other studio in the area where every member of the staff is a college graduate who has studied dance and/or who has worked or continues to work as a professional dancer. This background ensures that your child is receiving the best training possible from knowledgeable individuals who not only know how to achieve the most growth and versatility from each dancer, but also dancers who know what they need to do in order to make themselves relevant and marketable in the future.


"Our family chose EPIC Dance Company to help further our daughters dance career. After we realized that dance was not just a recreation for our daughter, we decided to move studios after meeting with Shana. We really loved how she was interested in our daughter's dancing after the competition years. The teachers at EPIC look beyond their doors and try to offer a variety of choreographers who are all currently working in the industry. With the attention to detail and their willingness to help you with the stepping stones to really make your way in the dance world after the competition years are over is truly a rarity. They have introduced my child to conventions with working industry choreographers and also introduced us to Dance Management companies which come in and give us advice on a yearly basis. My child has been on several auditions in New York City and with the tools that she has established at EPIC she is able to hold her own in a very competitive industry. EPIC Dance Company has such dedicated teachers that truly mold our children into not only beautiful performers but educated dancers.


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